Our mission is to provide safe, professional, reliable, on time, quality transportation service to our customers.
We will accomplish this by utilizing the latest technology, a diverse fleet of luxury vehicles, professional chauffeurs and a well-trained, motivated staff.

About Us

​The transport of patients to and from hospitals, convalescent facilities, dialysis centers, rehabilitation centers, medical office and their private home in a safe and professional manner. Drivers will be responsible for keeping the vehicles and the equipment maintained, ensuring that the vehicle has all necessary supplies, completion of shift forms, dispatching office of any changes in shift schedule or patient care and maintaining FCMT professional code of ethics.


What is NEMT?Transportation is inexpensive compared to the high and rapidly growing cost of healthcare, making it more cost-effective to transport a member to preventative care rather than waiting for a serious health condition to arise. Studies prove that increasing transportation access to medical services results in such significant savings that it justifies increased NEMT spending.By offering the NEMT benefit to the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and other transportation disadvantaged populations, health plans and state agencies:A strong case can be made that improved access to NEMT for transportation disadvantaged persons is cost-effective in terms of better healthcare. In some cases, this cost-effectiveness translates directly into decreases in healthcare costs that exceed the added transportation costs. In other “Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) - Gore Safe Transportation LLC.,.

 Remove transportation barriers

 Prevent missed medical appointments

 Decrease the impact of chronic disease

 Reduce the costs of inpatient medical treatment

 Save substantial healthcare funding cases, longer life expectancy or improved quality of life for those suffering from the studied conditions justifies the added costs of improved access to NEMT cost effectiveness.